Hillary Calls Her Emails Compared to Trump’s Tax Returns ‘an Apples and Oranges Comparison’

In an interview with Denver NBC affiliate KUSA’s Brandon Rittiman, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton responded to a query about her argument as to why her GOP opponent Donald Trump should release his tax returns being undermined by the emails her legal team had deleted that had been on her private email server she used while secretary of state.

Clinton called it “an apples and oranges comparison” and accused Trump of having a disregard for the precedent of presidential candidates releasing their tax returns.

“That’s such an apples and oranges comparison that it’s hard to even talk about,” Clinton said. “Every presidential candidate for decades has released his tax returns and I released 33 years of my tax returns. The American people deserve to know about our taxes. And so Donald Trump is standing in the way of precedent that goes back to both sides of the aisle, Democrats and Republicans. And he clearly has something that he doesn’t want us to see. I loved when Warren Buffet basically said I’ll being my tax returns, you bring yours. I’ll meet you anytime, anywhere. He owes the American people his tax returns.”

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