Hannity: Time for ‘Republican Crybabies’ to Stop Being ‘Stubborn’ and Support Trump

Wednesday night on Fox New Channel’s “Hannity,” host Sean Hannity called out Republicans who are refusing to support the Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Hannity described the holdouts as “Republican crybabies” that were playing a “stubborn and stupid game.” He went on to call that effort “very disturbing and disgusting and dangerous.”

Hannity said, “The election is just 89 days away. Is it’s time now for Republicans to refuse to endorse Donald Trump, are they now sabotaging his campaign. Because if they continue to do what they are doing and Hillary Clinton wins will they be responsible for supporting Hillary Clinton radical left wing agenda. Now, these are the people I’m talking about. Time to name names, Bill Kristol, former governor Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Ben Sasse, Lindsey Graham, Meg Whitman and many, many others. If they keep up their stubborn and stupid game and continue to lick their wounds, well, this is what they’ll be responsible for, just to give a few examples. The continuation of President Obama’s disastrous economic policies and did any happen to listen to Trump’s speech? We doubled our debt, have the lowest labor participation rate since the ’70s, worst recovery since the 1940s. Clinton will simply continue that failed economic agenda of Obama. Of course, there’s Obamacare. Donald Trump told me last night he’ll repeal and replace it and have competition. Clinton will keep it. Open borders. Trump promises a wall. Clinton wants open borders. Now which is better for the national security and worker? Now the refusal to use the term radical Islam, Donald Trump will mention it. Liberal Supreme court justices versus the originalist, Donald Trump said he will support people like Scalia and Clarence Thomas on the bench. On this one issue alone, this will impact this country for generations to come. Hillary, of course, wants a 550% increase in un-vetted refugees. Trump promises to vet them all or not let them in. Top down common core education, that’s failing. Hillary would continue that. We have a dilapidated military. Trump will improve the military and rebuild it and the list goes on.

He continued, “By refusing to support Trump, seems they are supporting a woman who has proven time and time again she is a liar and corrupt politician. For example, just out today, newly released e-mails prove yet again that the State Department was, in fact, colluding with the Clinton Foundation during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state. Hillary Clinton put the State Department up for sale with top aides pulling strings and doing favors for fat-cat donors to the Clinton Foundation, including a shady billionaire, including to smoking-gun e-mails released Tuesday. Wait, there’s more. Clinton continually lied about what she knew and when she knew it about the Benghazi terror attack. so much so that the parents of two Americans killed during that attack, they are now suing her for wrongful death and defamation.”

After a video clip of FBI Director James Comey He added, “Hillary Clinton, she’s proven she does not have the character, she does not have the temperament to be the president of the United States. So is that the person these Republican crybabies really want to be the next commander in chief, they want to help her? It’s very disturbing and disgusting and dangerous.”

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