Scarborough: If Trump Gets Himself Out of the Way, Makes Campaign About Hillary — He’s Got a ‘Good Chance’ of Winning

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough reacted to the so-called pivot of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump put on display at a rally in Charlotte, NC a night earlier.

According to Scarborough, if Trump maintains this demeanor, he will have a “good chance” of winning the general election this fall.

“What he could do if he did this for 80 straight days and I could do a lot of things if I could build a rocket ship in the backyard and fly to Mars,” Scarborough said. “And he may be able to do it. We’ll see, it’s every day – is if he gets himself out of the way and he makes the campaign about Hillary. If he gets himself out of the way and he makes his campaign about Hillary, he has got a good chance of winning.”

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