MSNBC’s Joan Walsh: Trump Questioning Hillary’s Health ‘Is the Classic Definition of Sexism’

Monday on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” The Nation’s national affairs correspondent Joan Walsh, also a MSNBC contributor, said Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump questioning his opponent Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s health was “the classic definition of sexism.”

Walsh said, “This is, I think, what did Paul Ryan call the classic definition of a racist comment? This is the classic definition of sexism. Men, bad men, basically said for centuries that women can’t handle the rigors of most jobs but most importantly, the presidency, because our tiny little lady brains you know, our proclivity to hysteria and exhaustion just disqualify us from leading the free world. That’s essentially what he’s saying when you listen to him. It’s not about anything that’s been released about her records or her concussion or anything like that. They play on certain, you know, things that we know, but it’s basically a straightforward—she doesn’t have the stamina.”

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