Judge Jeanine on Hillary Corruption Investigation: ‘A Case of RICO,’ Hillary Has to Go to Jail

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Jeanine Pirro, host of the network’s weekend show “Justice,” explained why Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton involvement in the Clinton Foundation was a possible crime under RICO statutes and that if convicted, she has to go to jail.

“Yeah, this is a case of RICO – it’s a racketeering influence and corruption organization,” Pirro said. “Like the mob – [Hillary] is a capo, then they got a consigliere who is Loretta Lynch at this point, who is as – and I agree, I was talking to Rudy Giuliani, has corrupted the Justice Department. How does the FBI do an investigation without access to a grand jury and in an investigation this serious, this weighty that impacts all of us, where millions and tens and hundreds of millions of dollars are being exchanged with other countries while she is in a position of power? I mean this is just the most corrupted Justice Department I have ever seen and I thought Eric Holder was bad.”

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