Scarborough: Press Underestimating Trump Is Helpful — He Doesn’t Want To Come In As ‘Redneck Jesus’

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough said the press is doing President-elect Donald Trump a big favor by underestimating him and calling him a Nazi because, Scarborough asserted, Trump does not want to be thought of as “redneck Jesus” the way President Obama had to live up to being “black Jesus.”

Scarborough said, “The thing is Obama came in as black Jesus. I don’t want to come in as redneck Jesus if I am president of the United States. You want to come in where people — like Ronald Reagan — actually underestimate you. And the media once again has done Donald Trump a great favor. What have they told us over the past week? He’s a Nazi. He’s bringing Nazis back to America. Wait. The press — you guys are fools.”

“You all are fools,” he continued. “If you hate Donald Trump and you want to destroy Donald Trump, you all are fools because you do it the wrong way. People that I respect, you guys keep tweeting about Nazis and this and that, and guess what? There were 200 freaks in a public building, I don’t know why we allow them in a public building, but you would think that Donald Trump is bringing the Third Reich to America. I heard that he’s going to rip up the Constitution.”

He added, “I’m just saying they set the bar so low that all he does is go, ‘There’s a bar. I’ll walk over it.'”

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