Gingrich: Same Media ‘Idiots’ That Didn’t Understand Trump Now Attacking His Cabinet

Tuesday at the Heritage Foundation former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said the same mainstream media that got the rise and victory of President-elect Donald Trump totally wrong are now criticizing his cabinet.

Gingrich said, “Let’s be very clear about something because I’m watching now and luckily I’m old enough I don’t get too angry about it I just get excited and amused. The same — I’ll use a word that’s very harsh, but I will explain it in a minute. The same idiots who failed to understand that Trump was going to win the nomination, then failed to understand Trump was going to win the general election, are now commenting on Trump’s cabinet. None of these media said, ‘Gosh you were wrong’ — I mean it would be like having a sports reporter who miss reported a football game talking about how many home runs were hit. You would get a new reporter.”

“All of these people — you have people out here who are on TV and in The New York Times and Washington Post who have been consistently wrong for two solid years and they get promoted because their editors were even more wrong,” he continued. “Then they tell us what they think, which is junk. So it’s very important to put this in context. These are the same people who are as wrong about the cabinet as they were about the general election as they were wrong about the primaries. Keep that in mind every time you hear it. That is one of the reasons I’m frankly proud to be on FOX because we were only wrong about half the time and last year that was a miracle compared to some of the networks which were not in touch with planet earth.”

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