CNN’s Toobin: Nothing ‘Wrong’ With FBI Re-Opening Clinton Email Probe, But Comey Shouldn’t Have Written Letter

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” CNN Senior Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin stated that while there wasn’t anything “outrageous” or “wrong” with the FBI re-opening its investigation into Hillary Clinton, it was “bizarre” and “inappropriate” for FBI Director James Comey to write his letter to Congress disclosing that he was doing so.

Toobin said, “I don’t really think there is anything so outrageous about the FBI looking at these emails. The thing that is bizarre about this whole process is, basically, I would call this affidavit part of cleaning up loose ends of the investigation, right, of Hillary Clinton, seeing if there’s anything there. Why did James Comey feel compelled to release the information that they were looking into these emails right before the election? that remains bizarre, inappropriate, and that’s the heart of the controversy.”

He added that Comey should have waited until he knew the content of the emails before he sent the letter or stayed silent altogether because “the rule at the Department of Justice is, on the eve of the election, you don’t say anything. you don’t interfere in the political process.”

Toobin further argued, “most of the time, law enforcement operates in secrecy. It does not disclose investigative steps, especially on the eve of the election.”

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