Former NFL Player Kyle Turley: ‘Donald Trump Is the Poster Boy for Alzheimer’s Disease’

Thursday, former NFL offensive lineman Kyle Turley called President Donald Trump “the poster boy for Alzheimer’s disease,” adding that it is “starting to show.”

ESPN “Outside the Lines” host Bob Ley shot down Turley’s claims, but Turley doubled down, saying the president is “totally erratic.”

Partial transcript as follows:

TURLEY: Donald Trump is the poster boy for Alzheimer’s disease, okay? He has early onset of Alzheimer’s disease, and it is starting to show.
LEY: Well, we don’t know that.
TURLEY; I know that!
LEY: Okay.
TURLEY: Because it starts at the age of 65 naturally. And what he’s doing is totally erratic.
LEY: All right.
TURLEY: And his decisions and the way he talks and the way he speaks is not presidential.

(h/t Awful Announcing)

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