Fmr State Dept Spox: Hope For ‘Saving Our Presidency’ and Country Should Rest With Intel Community

On Saturday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” former State Department Spokesperson and former Obama White House Senior Director Nayyera Haq stated that the intelligence community is where people should “rest their hope” for saving the presidency and the country.

Haq said, “Now, in defense of the intel. community, they’re probably the last people you want to cross, because if there’s anybody who knows how to get information out and take care of business, it’s your analysts and your spies in the intelligence community. So, that is what I think the American public should rest their hope on, for saving our presidency and saving our country, is the fact that you have officers and analysts and professionals in place, who will make sure that the right information is out there, and that decisions are made in a way that is for our national security, and if not, then they’ll make sure that people know that the president has gone off-kilter.”

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