DNC Chair Candidate Greene: Trump ‘Is Arrogantly Marching Us Towards Fascism’

During Wednesday’s Democratic Leadership Debate on CNN, DNC Chair candidate former Rock the Vote President Jehmu Greene stated that “We don’t have the luxury to take a back seat” as President Trump “is arrogantly marching us towards fascism.”

Greene said, “When he commits impeachable offense, the Democratic Party has to be that last line of defense for our Constitution and for this country. We don’t have the luxury to take a back seat as this man is arrogantly marching us towards fascism. So, I am on the side of holding him accountable, but I am also on the side of knowing, in this unprecedented political reality we are living in, the Democratic Party has to innovate how we organize, how we communicate, and how we connect with voters, so that the millions of Americans who are in the streets today, resisting this president, understand that we are welcoming home for them. We will resist him in the House, and in the Senate, and we will resist him in the streets, and the party will play that important role of protecting our Constitution.”

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