Buchanan: We Are ‘Getting Pretty Close to Military Action’ in North Korea

Friday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” while discussing North Korea’s development and testing of nuclear weapons and the U.S. response of deploying a Navy carrier group off the Korean peninsula, conservative commentator Pat Buchanan called it “getting pretty close to military action.”

Buchanan said, “My view is this is getting pretty close to military action and the ball is pretty much in the court of the North Koreas now. I don’t know if Trump has told our folks if he explodes another nuclear or atomic weapon we go in. But I think we are pretty close to something here.”

“But I will say if you start a war and it’s even a conventional war — at last count I had heard they have 11,000 artillery pieces on the DMZ, that’s 25 miles from Seoul — and if you started a war on the ground I think we might win the war but there would be enormous devastation. I think Kim Jong-un realizes that but quite frankly the peace of the Korean peninsula may be dependent on him right now.”

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