Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed on GA-6: ‘This Shouldn’t Be Close — I Shouldn’t Be on ‘Morning Joe”

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed made an appearance to discuss the special election being held in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District left vacant by now-HHS Secretary Tom Price.

Part of that congressional district includes the northern suburbs of Atlanta, but it is a district that has not gone for a Democrat going back to 1979. Currently, in a crowded field Jon Ossoff, who is running as a Democrat, is the perceived front-runner in this contest.

According to Reed, a Democrat shouldn’t be leading this contest given that track record.

Partial transcript as follows:

WILLIE GEIST, MSNBC HOST: Mayor Reed, it’s Willie Geist. Good to see you this morning.

Talk to the people at home here watching who are not from the Atlanta area about the 6th Congressional District. We’ve been speaking this morning about some of the stats out of there that’s it’s been Republican since Newt Gingrich got the seat almost 40 years ago–

REED: Sure.

GEIST: –but that it voted for Mitt Romney 23-24 percent margin. But Donald Trump only by 1 point margin last fall. What’s happening in that district right now?

REED: Well, first of all, it’s becoming more diverse. It’s a very affluent district but it’s becoming increasingly diverse.

But here’s the deal. The fact of the matter is this is a seat that sent Newt Gingrich to the House as Speaker. This is the seat that sent Senator Isakson to the United States Senate. And this is the seat that sent Secretary Price to the president’s administration.

And a typical Republican should be winning this seat by 20-24 points. And as we stand here right now Jon Ossoff is winning it with 45-46 percent of the vote after President Trump won it by a point.


REED: So something is definitely happening in the district and in Georgia and it feels good here.

HALPERIN: Do you think, Mr. Mayor, that Ossoff clears the 50 point barrier today? Or do you think that happens in a runoff when he goes head to head with a Republican?

REED: Mark, I think it depends on how the rest of the day goes. I think that it is certainly within reach. But no matter what happens today it’s going to be a strong win for Democrats. This district isn’t in the 70 most competitive districts in the United States of America. And right now Jon Ossoff is winning it. So we’re not going to let the president or Republicans who spent $4 million–


REED: –attacking Jon Ossoff turn a win into a loss–


REED: –by raising the standards so high.

BRZEZINSKI: All right.

REED: This shouldn’t be close. I shouldn’t be on “Morning Joe”. Y’all shouldn’t even be talking about this race. And right now Jon Ossoff’s going to win tonight and then he’s going to close it out.

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