MSNBC’s Seitz-Wald: More Dem Candidates Will Run Away From Pelosi, ‘The Dam Is Kind of Breaking’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “MSNBC Live,” NBC and MSNBC National Politics Reporter Alex Seitz-Wald stated that he believes the 2018 elections will bring more Democratic candidates running away from House Minority Leader Representative Nancy Pelosi and said, “the dam is kind of breaking” for Pelosi.

Seitz-Wald predicted more Democratic candidates will run away from Pelosi in 2o18. He added, “This was always something that you heard in private, whispered behind the scenes from Democratic lawmakers, Democratic candidates, the elephant in the room — maybe the donkey in the room since we’re talking about Democrats here. But I do think the dam is kind of breaking. You’re seeing more and more people, and more senior people, speaking out against it. They watched what happened in that Georgia special election earlier this year, where Republicans ran hundreds of ads tagging Democrat Jon Ossoff with Nancy Pelosi. And there’s also a generational issue here. I mean, the entire House leadership on the Democratic side is run by people in their 70s, and there’s a younger crop of people coming in, this huge crop of candidates, a lot of them weren’t recruited, but just stepped up themselves, and they’re not super loyal to that leadership.”

(h/t GOP War Room)

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