Joy Reid: The Fact That People Are Still Supporting Moore Is ‘Incredibly Disturbing’

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” roundtable guest and MSNBC host Joy Reid called it “incredibly disturbing” there were people still supporting Republican Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore, given he is facing allegations that he acted inappropriately and engaged in sexual misconduct in Etowah County, AL decades ago.

Reid said, “The fact that this is a calculation, we’re talking about something of such a different degree. You talked about all of the past scandals, you talked about the Monica Lewinsky situation, which was clearly an improper relationship. But we’re talking about children. We’re talking about multiple allegations of the abuse of children, and the fact that it’s even a question I think speaks to the position that the Republican party finds it’s in, morally.”

She added, “This should not be a question, and the fact that people are struggling with whether or not they should continue to support Roy Moore for reasons of party, politics, power and tribe is incredibly disturbing.”

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