Freedom Caucus Member Jordan: ‘We’re Not In Favor Of’ Two-Week CR

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” House Freedom Caucus member Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) stated the Freedom Caucus is opposed to the two-week short-term continuing resolution.

Jordan answered a question on Democrats wanting protection for DACA enrollees in a government funding bill by saying, “We don’t want that. I mean, look, they’re going to hold up — they’re not going to pay our troops because they think it’s more important to allow people who came here illegally to stay in this country? I don’t think that flies with most Americans. So certainly we couldn’t be for that. What we want to do is make sure our troops get what they need, hold the line on the rest of spending. That’s the kind of spending package we want. We’re not real enthused about this two-week deal. We think any spending bill that lands three days before Christmas usually means not a good deal for the taxpayers. So, we’re not in favor of that two-week short-term CR. So, we’re going to have a meeting tonight and we’ll discuss it.”

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