Aly Raisman: How Good Would USA Gymnastics Have Been if Our Doctor Wasn’t Traumatizing Us?

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Olympian gymnast Aly Raisman slammed USA Gymnastics for only caring about winning and their reputation, saying if they really cared about winning, they would have had a team doctor that was not molesting their gymnasts — instead of Larry Nassar, who is accused of molesting over 140 women while they were training as young athletes.

“I would love for USA Gymnastics and the [United States Olympic Committee] to hear this loud and clear … since they only care about medals, reputation, and money, if we were that successful while we were being molested, wouldn’t we have been more successful if we had the right doctor that actually helped heal our injuries, that didn’t traumatize us?” Raisman said to Tapper.

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