One Loser... No Closers

As Democrat Rep. Dennis Kucinich lost a primary contest in Ohio, Super Tuesday produced three winners, one loser, and a Republican Party still in search of a nominee.

Frontrunner Mitt Romney won Idaho, Virginia, Vermont, Alaska, and his home state of Massachusetts. Rick Santorum, who had dropped in national polls in recent days, scored victories in Oklahoma and Tennessee, and continued his dominance in the Great Plains with a win in North Dakota. Newt Gingrich took his home state of Georgia.

Ohio was called for Romney, who enjoyed a narrow but crucial victory. The only candidate who failed to win anywhere was Ron Paul, who has fought hard to win delegates but has yet to take a single state primary or caucus.

Yet the Grand Old Party has yet to choose the candidate who will challenge Barack Obama for the presidency this fall. Obama still looks weak in crucial swing states, yet while Romney has more delegates than his rivals, none of the Republican candidates has closed the deal with voters.

The Republican primary contest now appears set to last several more weeks, and the odds of a brokered convention are higher after Super Tuesday than they were before.

In Ohio, left-wing Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) lost a primary contest, likely ending his congressional career. The result may be as much a symptom of the country's fatigue with liberal governance as a casualty of redistricting.


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