Iowans Think Biden Debate Antics, Smugness Turned Off State's 'Polite' Voters

In Iowa, even The Des Moines Register, a paper not known for its conservatism, acknowledged Biden's smugness and dismissive laughter may have turned off Iowans who like their politics civil. 

The Register noted Iowa political analysts felt the "smirking from the Democratic vice presidential candidate might turn off some voters in Iowa, where polling has shown he has a likability gap."

According to the Register, Iowans were debating whether Biden was "testy, combative, smug, and bullying," which means Biden has already lost the public relations battle. 

Iowa politics historian Jeff Stein told the paper Biden "may have overcompensated, coming across as condescending at times by repeatedly referring to his opponents as ‘my friends’ and smirking and laughing."

Marlys Popma, a conservative fundraiser in Iowa, remarked, "Biden’s interruptions are not going to play well with the people of Iowa. We are a polite and contemplative voting populace."

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) said the debate revealed "Vice President Joe Biden’s lack of understanding on what has gone wrong in America during President Obama’s watch."

"Instead of acknowledging the administration’s mistakes and shortcomings, the Vice President spent 90 minutes making excuses and advocating for more of the same failed policies that have increased our national debt by $5.5 trillion while failing to get our economy back on track," King said. "Congressman Ryan, however, provided details on how Mitt Romney will promote pro-growth policies that reform our tax code, foster upward mobility, and deliver more jobs and more take-home pay.”

Rep. Tom Latham (R-IA) said he has served with Ryan and knows that "he and Mitt Romney have a deep understanding of the challenges confronting our nation and the solutions we need to get back on track."

According to the Register, "a plurality of Iowans" in the paper's most recent Iowa poll said Biden was a liability on the ticket. And independents, by an 11-point margin, viewed Biden as a liability. 


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