Pigford Is Soaked With The Chicago Way In Politics



Do you know why Chicago is called the Windy City? Because there is so much wind from the hot air coming out of the politicians’ mouths. 

The “Chicago Way” is not a cute cliché. It does exist and I should know since I was raised in the area. The Pigford case Andrew Breitbart was so passionate about is soaked in the “Chicago Way.”

What is the “Chicago Way” of politics? Literally buying votes. Voter fraud. Paying off people who can get you further in life. Taking advantage of those who do not have the resources to fight back. Discrimination. Lobbyists. Digging a hole so deep you cannot get out.

It did start under the Clinton administration, but continued to get worse when President Obama, from Illinois (specifically Chicago) took office. Here is a prime example:

The first deadline to receive payment was 1999, but some in Congress, including then-Senator Obama, pressured President Bush to handout the money to the late filers in 2007 even though the fraud was very obvious. Not so ironically the people who were set to profit off of Pigford told then-candidate Obama they would work on his behalf against Hillary Clinton in 2008 in the South. From the New York Times:

Mr. [John W.] Boyd said Mr. Obama’s support led him to throw the backing of his 109,000-member black farmers’ association behind the Obama presidential primary campaign. Hilary Shelton, the N.A.A.C.P.’s chief lobbyist, said Mr. Obama’s stance helped establish him as a defender of the concerns of rural African-American communities.

Oh there are many more examples, but that is the one that stood out the most. President Obama did bring the “Chicago Way” to DC. Even though it was wrong, Obama went along with it in order to secure the White House.


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