Watching the Pigford Story Come Back to Life



Watching the Pigford story come back to life this spring–the season of rebirth, renewal, resurrection–is truly uplifting. We at Breitbart News, in the spirit of happy warrior and founder Andrew Breitbart, strive to keep our spirits elevated above the oppressive clouds cast by the left wing media complex, but it isn't easy. 

The conservative movement is still reeling from the blow to the head that was November, 2012. Then, on March 1, we endured the first anniversary of Andrew's cruel and untimely passing. It was an occasion to revisit the man and his mission. It invigorated us to carry on the fight.

Andrew was the beacon for citizen journalism. It was Andrew who proclaimed that, as long as everyone had a cell phone and a camera and was willing to shine a light and expose the truth, we would prevail. He was relentless on that score.

When The New York Times, that Old Gray Lady, published a front page story about the Pigford scandal–a cause célèbre for Andrew–on April 25, it was a bright day indeed, proof positive that the truth will come to light eventually.

In the year since Andrew's death, such chinks as this have begun to appear in the armor that is the tyranny of liberalism and its sidekick media. Watching the story come back to life should encourage all of us to soldier on in the name of truth and liberty.


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