Steve King: D.C. March for Jobs Turnout Would have 'Delighted' Andrew Breitbart

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) said the late Andrew Breitbart would have been "delighted" with the turnout for the D.C. March for Jobs rally and would have been "reveling" in the march if he had been alive. 

"It feels so good to see the face of America," King said when he appeared on Breitbart News' live broadcast of the event with host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon. 

King said the rally was "bursting form the heart of Americanism" and said he was "honored and privileged" to address the rally. He said the late Breitbart would have loved seeing minority conservatives unite with progressives and working class Americans with a common goal--opposing the Senate's immigration bill that would drastically reduce wages for working class Americans and make it harder for unemployed Americans to find jobs. 

"Andrew was the guy who gave me all kinds of of courage on this," King said. "He would walk right into the masses and take them on because he knew he was right.

King said he would fiercely oppose the immigration bill that he believed was wrong for the country on so many levels.

"If you are right and you know you are right any compromise is an immoral act," King said. "We are not going to compromise so some people are going to have cheap votes."


Rep King: Andrew Breitbart Still Inspires Us All


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