SSK Industries Makes Largest Center-Fire Rifle Ever, Bullets Cost $40 Each

Ohio-based SSK Industries has produced the largest center-fire rifle in history. It is a .905 caliber which produces recoil equivalent to shooting ten .30-06 rifles at the same time.

Each bullet costs $40 and comes in at a weight of 2400 grains.  For comparison, the bullet fired out of an AR-15 costs .50 to .70 cents and weighs approximately 55 grains.

The rifle itself is currently being produced at a weight of about 50 pounds, but the earlier prototypes weighed in at over 100 pounds.

In a video of the rifle being shot, those working with the gun report it fires a bullet at approximately 2,100 feet per second with roughly 25,400 foot-pounds of muzzle energy. For comparison, the muzzle energy of an AR-15 is approximately 1,300 foot-pounds.

So far, SSK has only produced three of the .905 caliber rifles. 

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