Sen. Elizabeth Warren: America 'Rigged' to Benefit the Rich

On Wednesday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) complained that America had “fundamentally changed” so that the rich get richer and the poor continue to struggle.

During an interview with The Daily Show host Jon Stewart, Warren explained that she grew up in an America that was willing to invest in children. She cited the growing cost of borrowing money for college as an example of how things have changed. 

“That’s what’s fundamentally changed,” Warren insisted. “Look, it’s tough out there. It really is a rigged game, and it’s set up now over and over and over.”

“And it’s probably always been,” Stewart asserted.

“Well, not like this,” Warren responded. “It’s set up over and over and over that the rich get richer and the powerful get more powerful. They’ve got all the advantages of concentrated money and concentrated power.”

Warren said that the key was to get involved in politics.

“All we got on the other side, is we got our voices and we got our votes, and if we get out there and make something out of them, that’s how we make a difference,” she added.


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