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US President Barack Obama speaks about the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, at Taylor Stratton Elementary School in Nashville, Tennessee, July 1, 2015.

In Tennessee, Obama Sings Davy Crockett

During a conversation about Obamacare in Tennessee, President Obama took a question from a man named Davy Crockett. “Y’all remember that TV show? Actually a lot of people are too young here,” he said before singing a few bars of the tune.

AP Photo/Michael Johnson

Obama Refers To Some Illegal Immigrants As ‘Gang Bangers’

“We should not be encouraging illegal immigration,” Obama remarked to the group. “What we should be doing is setting up a smart legal immigration system that doesn’t separate families but does focus on making sure that people who are dangerous, people who are, you know, gang-bangers, who are criminals that we’re deporting as quickly as possible.”

Barack Obama

Obama: John Kerry Will Proudly Raise US Flag Over New Embassy In Cuba

Obama reminded critics that there were only 90 miles between the U.S. and Cuba, and that our countries are united with “deep bonds of family and friendship between our people.” He insisted there is “enormous enthusiasm” for his changes on Cuba policy, including in public opinion polls and from Americans who want to travel to the communist country.

REUTERS/Larry Downing

Obama’s ‘Bucket List’ Just Got Longer

Now that the legal case for Obamacare is solidified and his dramatic trade authorities have been granted by Republicans, Obama is continuing to move forward on the more politically difficult elements of his “bucket list” (or his f*cket list?) which included executive action on immigration reform and climate regulations.


Obamas Welcome Selfies At The White House

“Effective today, guests are now welcome to take photos throughout the White House tour route and keep those memories for a lifetime,” the White House announced this morning. “Visitors are also encouraged to share their experience using the hashtag #WhiteHouseTour.”

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