Secretary of State John Kerry Brings Dog to Take Your Child to Work Day

Secretary of State John Kerry brought his dog Ben to a State Department Take Your Child to Work Day event.

During the event, Kerry surprised the audience by approaching the podium with his dog on a leash.

“Come on, Ben. Sit. Sit. Sit,” he said, trying to get the one-year-old dog to cooperate.

sit dog

“There’s one rule in show business: Don’t do anything with kids or animals,” he said sheepishly as he began his press conference. “I’m breaking those rules today big time.”

The dog jumped on Kerry as he spoke.

jump 1

And he jumped on the interpreter, too.

jump 2

Kerry remarked that his dog was named for Ben Franklin, who was the first American diplomat.

“He’s actually the diplo-mutt,” he joked, referring to the dog.

eat leash


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