Obama: I Might Have Had Concussions from Playing Football

President Obama spoke on Thursday about the importance of recognizing concussions in sports and highlighted the dangers they have on young players.

“When I was young and played football briefly, there were a couple of times where I’m sure that that ringing sensation in my head and the need to sit down for a while might have been a mild concussion, and at the time you didn’t think anything of it,” he admitted.

Obama said that although concussion awareness in sports has improved in recent years, it hasn’t improved enough. According to the latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control, he explained, young people make over 250,000 visits to the emergency room.

“I say this not to scare people,” he clarified. “We want our kids participating in sports.”

Part of the federal government’s role is to answer questions about concussions that are “swirling around” the country, he stated.

He also said he felt the need to get involved with the issue, in part, because of the shared concern of parents in the White House about concussions in contact sports.

“We decided, why not use our convening power to help find some more answers?” President Obama said.


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