Rand Paul: There Is a War against the Unborn

During his speech at the Faith and Freedom conference Friday, Sen. Rand Paul spoke at length about his foreign policy views, but he also highlighted America’s atrocities against the unborn.

“Back here at home, there is a war being waged. [It] takes over 1 million lives every year. It’s a war against the unborn, and it must end,” he said soberly.

Referring to Pope John Paul II’s criticism of the modern culture of death, Paul pointed out that it was a war of the powerful against the weak.

“I believe that no nation, no civilization, can long endure, that doesn’t respect life from those that are not yet born till life’s last breath,” he said.

Paul’s speech was preceded by an emotional video promoting the defense of life. It featured ultrasounds of unborn babies and a soundtrack that included a beating heart.

Paul reminded the crowd that many Americans believe in defending life but don't vote accordingly.

“Christians are often unified in our defense of life, but many aren't taking the action of voting their beliefs,” he stated. “We must change this.”

Paul also asserted that America was in “a full-blown spiritual crisis.”

“What America needs is not just another politician with promises,” he said. “What America needs is a revival.”


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