Video Shows Border Patrol Agent Expressing Discontent That Citizenship No Longer Matters

A new video making the rounds on social media finds a Border Patrol agent expressing discontent at the current immigration process.

The YouTube video, which has been posted at sites like National Review Online and Twitchy, shows a man going through a Border Patrol checkpoint and interacting with an unidentified Border Patrol agent.

The agent asks the man – identified by Twitchy as Travis Pope, the individual who initially tweeted out the video – “How you doing. U.S. Border Patrol. How many people on board?”

The man Twitchy identifies as Pope responds, “Me.”

The agent then asks, “You a citizen?”

Pope, “Yeah, but does it really matter?”

To which the agent responds, “Not anymore, unfortunately. Thank you.”


Breitbart News has reached out to Customs and Border Protection for comment.


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