Tonight: 'The Goode Family' Gets a New Life

The Goode Family” didn’t stand a chance on ABC. The animated sitcom, that oh, so rare product that openly mocks liberals, got little promotional oomph from its own network and ended up with few viewers. That’s the same network that refused to re-broadcast a popular miniseries, “The Path to 9/11,” that cast the Clinton administration in an unflattering light and now won’t permit it to be released on DVD.

It‘s a bit of a miracle “The Goode Family“ made it on air in the first place. But the Goodes are back courtesy of Comedy Central.


The cable channel will start rebroadcasting the entire season of “The Goode Family,” co-created by Mike Judge, on Monday nights starting tonight at 10 p.m. EST. It’s a longshot the show will be reborn thanks to its new platform, but such a renewal isn’t without precedent.

“The Family Guy” roared back to life after the show did blockbuster business on both DVD and Cartoon Network reruns. And “Futurama” still cranks out new installments years after its cancellation.

The first "Goode" episode out of the gate is “Pleatherheads,” which finds the family’s adopted son Ubuntu (voiced by Dave Herman) trying out for the -gasp!- high school football team.

“You mean tackle football, like in the movies?” clueless dad Gerald (voiced by Judge) asks.

Community activist wife Helen (voiced by Nancy Carell) is incensed - mainly because she’s got a hidden football addiction and loses control when she goes off the wagon.

Meanwhile, daughter Bliss (voiced by Linda Cardellini) is flummoxed that her chances for earning a college scholarship are looking dim based on her skin color. Or lack thereof.

“Red is the new black,” she says as she considers changing her name to something that sounds more Native American.

“The Goode Family” had an entire topic nearly all to itself - mocking liberals who try oh, so hard to do the right thing all the time. And the series didn’t make fools of the family in the process. In “Pleatherheads,” the Goodes' vegetarianism plays a key role in the story’s conclusion.

So here’s hoping “The Goode Family” finds a new, wider audience on Comedy Central. And if the show doesn’t end up coming back in one form or another, maybe it’ll convince other comedy writers there’s plenty of untapped humor to be minded from the Left.


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