Environmentalism Has Met the Enemy: Itself

“We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us.” – Pogo

Walt Kelly’s propaganda poster premiered on Earth Day I, 1970.


It now conjures a circular firing squad of misanthropes in light of Franny Armstrong & co’s radical environmentalist 10:10 campaign’s evil, child-snuff fantasy film “No Pressure.”

Revealed by the film is the wicked heart beating within the apocalyptic religion of environmentalism; a self-loathing, anti-capitalist, anti-Western-civilization political haven for deracinated communists, anarchists and their useful idiots after the fall of the Bolshevik utopia.

The anti-scientific wave of contempt and rage cresting within these totalitarians since the revelation of the infamous East Anglia University Climate Research Unit’s “Hide the Decline” e-mails now crashes, Humpty-Dumpty, shattered and exposed on the rocks of their great Anthropogenic Global Warming/Climate Change fraud.

Unable to contain their emotions, environmentalists have apparently abandoned all hope and entered an intellectual hell, in which they demonize their fellow man, not just as polar bear exterminators but child-killers.

Of course, it can’t be kindly teachers’ fault for Pushing Junk Science on Children, no. She’s just exploding her dissenting students because “climate denier” parents, of Fox News have alienated the little malcontents from Green partiinost orthodoxy.

Another indication of the depths to which collective salvation environmentalists have sunk to fulfill their destructive ends is an Act-Responsible advertisement, also promoted on Discovery Company’s Treehugger subsidiary in 2009:


Act-Responsible agitators preached:
“Humankind is at the center of our planet’s equilibrium.
By protecting our planet, we protect ourselves. The Expo mobilizes each of us to ACT to preserve our future.” -- Isabel Kurata

“The ads featured, in majority new to the public, were produced for NGOs and public institutions, as well as for companies committed to corporate social responsibility. The Expo allows the general public and professionals to grasp the complexity and vast issues of Sustainable Development, making it accessible to all and giving keys to start acting and adopting behaviors respectful of future generations.” -- Sophie Guerinet

“Sustainable Development,” a.k.a., “responsible development,” is a UN wealth redistribution boondoggle designed to destroy American sovereignty.

Writing this week about 10:10’s “No Pressure,” Treehugger’s Sami Grover: “found the whole thing kind of funny."

On the other hand, "Look at this ad and ask yourself... What Kind Of Person Thought This Was A Good Idea? -- The Environmental Movement: Pro-Environment, Or Anti-Human?”

Still others take the crisis of faith deadly serious:
“Speaking about climate change is not a matter of intellectual luxury – the phenomenon is an actual fact. All of the industrialized countries, especially the big ones, bear responsibility for the global warming crisis.” – Osama bin Laden, October, 2010

Saul Alinsky would of course denounce and reject rhetorical radicals such as the producers of this film, its ideological defender-apologists and creators of like-minded, hanging-children ads because their clumsy hubris -- with its slash & burn tactics -- hurts the revolution’s progress.

Facetious gallows humor relativism: "TreeHugger / ChildStrangler, to-may-to / to-mah-to".

During his latest Weekly Address, President Obama, in true believer Alinsky realistic radical form, stated:
We’re putting Americans to work producing clean, home-grown American energy that will help lower our reliance on foreign oil and protect our planet for future generations… We know the choice that’s right for America. We need to do what we’ve always done – put our ingenuity and can do spirit to work to fight for a brighter future.

Pictures are worth thousands of words, or even thousands of unread legislative pages.

So, perhaps a debt of gratitude is owed Franny Armstrong, et ilk for their unintentional failure to carefully toe environmentalism’s one party line. They have unwittingly provided powerful imagery to recall whenever self-anointed world savior politicians, judges, bureaucrats, or propagandists with their celebrity spokesmen advocate or attempt draconian legislation like “Cap & Trade/Tax”, EPA policies and regulations designed to kill American jobs and economy, or dangerously unscientific rulings that CO2 is a “pollutant.”

Even if the Supreme Court was correct ruling that CO2 is a pollutant, Lord Monkton places in stark reality the demands of the AGW agenda:
To mitigate just 1 C (2 F) of warming, one must forego the emission of 2 trillion tons of CO2. The world emits just 30 billion tons a year. So the analyst, as a thought-experiment, would shut down the entire world economy, emitting no CO2 at all. Even then, and even on the incorrect assumption that the UN's exaggerated projections of the effect of CO2 on temperature are correct, it would take 67 years to mitigate 1 C warming.

Do the math.

“A brighter future,” Mr. President… at what cost?

Ready! Aim! Fire!


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