Viewers Demand FCC Action Against Raunchy CBS Comedy '2 Broke Girls'

Tune in an average episode of the CBS comedy 2 Broke Girls and you might hear jokes about anal sex, "penis alerts" or girl-on-girl porn.

Some viewers have had enough, and they want the FCC to take some sort of action against the program.

... at least 91 “fans” of the show have made informal complaints to federal regulators over the last two years about the crude sexual double entendres and outright crassness of the show.

Among the complaints of dialogue containing such words and phrases as “shoot on my chest,” “penis alerts,” “bitches,” “girl-on-girl porn,” and “giving head,” according to the complaints sent to the FCC.... 

A viewer from Massachusetts, according to Adweek — which reported on the FCC complaint on Thursday — griped about another episode in which the rich, blonde character, Caroline, asks what’s expected on a first date with a poor guy. “Anal,” responds another show character.

The comedy, which stars Kat Denning and Beth Behrs, follows financially strapped roommates trying to start their own cupcake business.


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