Source: DOJ Refers Reporter to Site Accused of Antisemitism Over Fast and Furious

CJ Ciaramella reports via Twitter that he requested a comment from the Department of Justice regarding Katie Pavlich's book Fast and Furious: Barack Obama's Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Cover Up and received a link to the Media Matters smear piece on Pavlich in response. 

See the email here.

Ciaramella notes that the piece didn't even answer his actual question.

Media Matters began losing donors close after it was accused of repeatedly publishing antisemitic content, oftentimes by others on the left, notably Alan Dershowitz. The propaganda site has declined to live up to its mission statement of "correcting conservative misinformation" in the media by avoiding the Daily Caller exposé

Why would the DOJ collude with a site accused of antisemitism to defend Obama's bloodiest scandal? It would be nothing new: the Obama White House has worked with Media Matters on other agenda items and the DC reported weekly conference calls between the two

Apparently, Eric Holder's Department of Justice is working with a far-left propaganda site (which stands accused of antisemitism) to run its defense against inquiries into one of our government's bloodiest scandals. 


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