Media Report 20K at Obama Milwaukee Event ... in 12K Arena [UPDATE: Arena Stands by Number]

In their blatant attempt to pump up President Obama’s crowd sizes, the media has taken to inventing seats at arenas. Yesterday, the Chicago Sun-Times reported:

With help from pop sensation Katy Perry, President Barack Obama drew 20,000 people Saturday as he trumpeted his accomplishments in office and urged people not only to vote, but to volunteer in the closing days before the election.

“It’s good to be so close to home!” he shouted to roars inside the Delta Center in downtown Milwaukee.

That claim was also reported by the Hollywood Reporter and various other outlets.

Only one problem: the capacity for the Delta Center in Milwaukee is 12,580.


UPDATE: The management at the arena claims that their capacity numbers are based on exhibit booths that the hall will hold during a trade show. 


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