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Coming years late to the story, The New York Times finally took a look at the Pigford scandal that Andrew Breitbart, Lee Stranahan and the Breitbart team exposed starting in 2010. At last the story is making an appearance across the media.

On Friday morning, April 26, the Times published a long piece titled, "U.S. Opens Spigot After Farmers Claim Discrimination," in which Andrew Breitbart and Congressman Steve King were credited for early criticism of the government's corruption in the scandal.

It should be remembered that the left-wing Media Matters for America scoffed at Andrew Breitbart, calling his interest in Pigford the "stupidest conspiracy theory" on the Internet. Now that MMFA's precious New York Times has at last come to Andrew's side on this issue, one wonders whether MMFA will keep its anti-Breitbart/Pigford posts up on its site.

A nice recap of the scandal penned by Joel Pollak can be seen on Breitbart.com.

But, after the NYT finally hit the story, by Friday afternoon it broke on several sites and across several media outlets. Now that the Times finally noticed the fraud endemic in the tale, many mainstream and even leftwing sources have taken up the banner.

Politico took its cue from the Times with its piece, sensibly titled, "Blogs: New York Times vindicates Andrew Breitbart," in which the news website quotes Byron York's Tweet celebrating that Andrew has indeed been proven right.

The Daily Beast/Newsweek's Megan McArdle also delved into the scandalMother Jones hit the story, too, though strangely acted as if this was a tale of "inevitable ugliness" and white racism instead of massive government waste and fraud.

For his part, Dave Weigel of Slate took to Twitter to hat tip Andrew Breitbart in his Tweeted reference to the Times' story.

Oddly, by the afternoon of April 26, no TV or radio networks bothered to cover the story. Perhaps as more progressives start discovering the Times' coverage more light will be shed on the story.

As to the more conservative leaning sites, many of them also revisited the story today. Most of these had been following Andrew's coverage, to be sure.

John Hayward of Human Events celebrated Andrew's victory, as did Fox Nation. Twitter chronicler Twitchy also took note of Andrew's vindication.

Legal Insurrection, one of the country's top-notch law blogs, also produced a very informative piece on the re-emergence of the story.

Certainly there will be more to come .


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