Hillary Spox Accuses Jewish Author of Trying to 'Make a Quick Buck'

Nick Merrill, a spokesman for Hillary Clinton, accused Jewish author Daniel Halper of trying to make a "quick buck" off of his upcoming book "Clinton Inc."

The Huffington Post asked Nick Merrill, a spokesman for Hillary Clinton, about the suggestion that someone affiliated with the Clintons leaked the book while posing as an anti-Clinton conservative.

"No clue," Merrill said in an email, "but it's sad to see Daniel Halper join the discredited and disgraced ranks of Ed Klein and Jeff Gerth, all for the sake of making a quick buck."

Merrill's choice of words does not appear to be a misstatement. It's apparent the Clinton campaign is shifting away from talk of a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to instead accuse journalists of being financially motivated for aggressively vetting a potential American president.

Just yesterday, Clinton herself described those looking into her background as part of a "cottage industry." 

Greed is now the motive for serious journalism. 

The Clinton Machine has taken a cynical and calculated turn towards dog-whistling Jewish reporters like Halper, or anyone who dares do what the mainstream media surely will not. 

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