Ex-NBA Champ Arrives in North Korea after Ex-NFL Champ Warns about Missile Defense

One week after a former Superbowl champion warned of the threat of North Korea's ability to launch missiles toward the US, a former NBA champion landed in the country, which is now ruled by a big fan of his days as a Chicago Bulls.

Riki Ellison, the head of the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance won Superbowl rings as a starting middle linebacker for Joe Montana's San Francisco 49ers.  Last week he reacted to a North Korean launch on the MDAA website.

Tuesday Dennis Rodman, the Hall of Fame NBA player who grabbed almost twice as many rebounds (11,954) as he scored points (6683) while coloring his hair and wearing tattoos, arrive in the same country.

Many of us want to meet our teen-age heroes, and it appears North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is getting his wish.  Dennis Rodman arrived Tuesday in North Korea. Kenji Fujimoto (pen name) claims Un was a huge Chicago Bulls fans when Rodman was winning three titles with the Bulls. Fujimoto was Un’s sushi chef at the time.

Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, visited North Korea earlier this year as the country clashes with the US after launchi

For more details, read the AP Story here.


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