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NFL Teams Play Before Empty Stadiums As Fan Backlash Spreads

It’s not necessarily news, that no one watches the Cleveland Browns. After all, Cleveland has lost 22 of their last 23 games and seems determined to set new marks for organizational futility. So the fact that the Browns can’t draw flies, shouldn’t necessarily cause alarm bells to go off.

Top 10 Heisman Trophy Candidates

The Heisman field is wide open with three contenders tied at the top this week. Beyond that group, several others built a case through eight weeks and now possess a platform to build on that over the remainder of the season.

Breitbart Sports College Football Top 25

After a topsy turvy week, no changes occur in the top 9 from last week. Notre Dame emerges in the top 10 after a dominant performance over USC, and the Irish possess one of this week’s top matchups as they face NC State.

jemele hill

Jemele Hill: ‘I Deserved That Suspension’

ESPN “SC6” co-host Jemele Hill returns from suspension Monday after violating ESPN’s social media guidelines for the second time by calling for a Dallas Cowboys boycott when owner Jerry Jones said players who do not stand for the National Anthem will not

No NFL Players Sat or Knelt During the Early Games on Sunday

If you happened to be sitting there around 1 EST, wondering what was missing as NFL players seemed to just go about their business, preparing to play football games. The missing element that you might have sensed, was likely the absence of any anthem protests. In fact, no NFL players knelt or sat during the early games.

Dershowitz: NFL Players Don’t Have a Constitutionally Protected Right to Kneel During the Anthem

When explaining their reasoning for why national anthem protests should be allowed, many players have been quick to point out that they’re merely exercising their constitutional rights under the First Amendment. Well, someone who has forgotten more about the First amendment than any inside linebacker will ever know, says that the constitution offers the players no such protection.

Good: Anthem Controversy Delaying Roger Goodell’s New Contract

It was once thought that Deflategate would be the signature, defining moment of Roger Goodell’s tenure as commissioner of the NFL. However, that theory prevailed in the comparatively innocent days before the advent of anthem protests. Now that it’s clear that those protests, and not mysterious psi levels, will come to signify Goodell’s tenure. Perhaps it’s poetically just that the controversy surrounding those protests, is what’s delaying Goodell’s new contract.

Rams Running Back Gurley Isn’t Happy About Playing in London

BAGSHOT, England (AP) — Todd Gurley isn’t buying this NFL in London business. The Los Angeles Rams running back arrived with the team in London on Friday after an overnight flight from Florida, where they spent the week following their win over Jacksonville last Sunday.

Dusty Binned: Baker Fired By Nationals

Washington (AFP) -The Washington Nationals parted company with manager Dusty Baker on Friday in the wake of the team’s latest playoff near-miss.

Mark Cuban Hints at 2020 Presidential Run

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban sat down with TMZ’s Harvey Levin for an interview that will air Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “OBJECTified” and hinted at a presidential bid in 2020. “I think we’re going into a time where you



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