Opinion: Six Other Teams Should Change Names for Political Correctness

With the continuing controversy surrounding the name of the Washington Redskins, it is important that the American people consider the concern surrounding controversial names to the utmost extent. With that being said, here is a list of other teams that should consider changing their names due to the impact that their names are having on an exceptionally small number of people despite a lack of significant support.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings were a population notorious for raping and pillaging towns, killing women or children, and taking slaves to help row their boats and maintain their lifestyle. These Norse savages often attacked and destroyed monasteries because the monasteries opposed the Norse beliefs and were viewed as easy targets for theft and plunder. The Vikings were responsible for a significant amount of death historically, believed to have killed uncountable multitudes of many people’s ancestry tree.

Cleveland Indians

Chief Wahoo has been a point of conflict for some time albeit less so than the mascot of the Washington Redskins, largely because of the size of the Chief’s pockets. While the Indians have started using a boxed “C” on their ball caps rather than Chief Wahoo, Cleveland Indians President Mark Shapiro told ESPN back in April that “Chief Wahoo isn’t going anywhere.”

Chicago Fire

It seems obvious that a fire that killed more than 300 people in Chicago and left more than 100,000 homeless would not be celebrated by a city that has had such an extensive history of crime and corruption. Undeniably there are still people living in the city who had family members who were killed in the Great Fire of 1871 and to have a team named after a tragedy in the city is a slap in the face to those individuals who may have thought about their lost extended family members…once.

Any team with King, Royals, or other glamorous title

This one isn’t actually a specific team but it seems that those who are not in a position of great wealth or royalty would surely be offended by the names of these teams. Whether talking about the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, the AHL’s Manchester Monarchs, the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings, or even the Ottawa Senators of the NHL, the lower- and mid-classes are likely outraged by such a name and will be demanding their changes shortly.

New York Yankees

There are two interpretations of what is meant when a person is considered a yankee. The most common for most people from the southern states refers to the North during the Civil War. According to the Civil War Trust, more than 258,000 confederate soldiers lost their lives in an effort, according to historians, to defend their land, their way of life, as well as, yes, slave ownership. While slave ownership is indefensible, the continued celebration of the moniker by a professional baseball team generates some questions of class some 148 years after the end of the war.

Oakland Athletics

In a generation where obesity is out of control, and it is considered bullying to point out body composition of another individual in school, to have a professional baseball team named the Oakland Athletics should be considered offensive to the majority of the population. Alameda County, where Oakland resides, has an adult obesity rate of 19.3% and a preschool obesity rate of 16.6%. These numbers far exceed the 0.9% of the population represented by American Indians and Alaska Natives, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Instead, in order to be more inclusive, Oakland should change their name to the Oakland Averages or the Oakland Chubby-at-Bests.

What other teams have names that may be considered offensive to small portions of the Nation’s population?


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