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Desperate For Racial Narrative, CNN Labels Zimmerman 'White Hispanic'

Maybe the powers that be at CNN are concerned that race-baiting MSNBC is getting all the lefty political cred by injecting a hostile racial narrative into every report on the Zimmerman murder trial in Sanford, FL. CNN doesn't have the "benefit" of having Al Sharpton rousing racial animosity with his microphone/megaphone on a nightly basis, they have to do something to get their piece of the race-baiting pie. Jul 11, 2013 8:51 AM PT

Dyson: 'Zimmermans of the World' Get Away with 'Killing of our Children'

MSNBC pundit Michael Eric Dyson appeared on the Martin Bashir Show Tuesday and stoked racial unrest by claiming that if George Zimmerman is acquitted it sends the message that "the children of poor and people of color in this country do not have the same quality of justice as given to those who are able to muster up resources and defend themselves against such a charge." Jul 10, 2013 5:03 AM PT

Take A Stroll Down Diagon Alley Via Google Maps

From the cool but very geeky department, Google Maps now offers a street view of "Diagon Alley" from the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London. Using Google's 360 degree viewing capabilities, you can see Ollivander's Wand Shop, Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes joke shop and Mr. Mulpepper’s Apothecary. Jul 9, 2013 7:57 AM PT

Ailes Brainchild 'The Five' Celebrates Two Year Mark

It was supposed to be a temporary fix to fill the 5:00 PM slot recently vacated by Glenn Beck. Two years later, "The Five" has become a staple for the Fox News' prime time line-up, getting ratings that trounce the competition on a nightly basis. On the day Beck signed-off MSNBC's Chris Matthews, also in the 5:00 slot, interviewed Media Matters' creepy leader David Brock and congratulated him on the air for removing his competition. Today, Matthews is still floundering in the ratings with "The Five" receiving nearly four times his ratings in the key A 25-54 ratings category. Jul 9, 2013 3:28 AM PT

Two Reporters Survive After Car Hits Moose

Early in the morning, Stephanie Hale-Lopez was driving herself and fellow reporter, Christina Jensen, from Idaho Falls to Driggs to cover the Teton Valley Balloon Rally when they struck a moose on US 26.

"I seriously think someone was watching over us," said Hale-Lopez, "we knew that there were going to be animals out."

5 a.m. on an Idaho mountain road, Stephanie knows every bend in the pavement is a chance for something unexpected.

"We thought we had to be extra vigilant, even more than usual," said Hale-Lopez. "The roads were really slick, it started to rain."

The elements were against her and she'd soon realize just how unforgiving mother nature can be.

"Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this huge moose," said Hale-Lopez. "I slammed on the brakes, the moose just kept walking in front of the car. We hit it. The impact was severe."

Stephanie kept her hands firmly on the wheel and slowly kept driving.

"The windshield had caved in, there was glass everywhere," said Hale-Lopez.

For a mile and a half, Stephanie was driving blind.

"All that I was thinking was I have to make sure the car just follows the curve of the road, because the Snake River is right next to us," said Hale-Lopez. "If I make one mistake the car will roll over and we will go into the river."
Jul 8, 2013 4:33 AM PT

Olbermann Twitter-Spanks Maddow

Keith Olbermann is being accused of hammering his former protegé Rachel Maddow on Twitter after responding to a tweet about the cable network's ratings slump. Olbermann responded with "This is sarcasm, to the following tweet: Jul 5, 2013 9:01 AM PT

Egyptian Military Raids Al Jazeera

Reuters is reporting that Egyptian "security forces" have raided the offices of Al Jazeera in Cairo after the ouster of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood. Jul 5, 2013 6:49 AM PT

Buzzfeed Smears David Mamet As 'Bigot'

Buzzfeed is great at making lists, but they should stick with grumpy cats and Khardashian episodes. Writer Louis Peltzman has compiled a list called "14 Authors You Might Not Know Had Bigoted Views." Number 14 on the list is playwright, director and screenwriter David Mamet. Jul 4, 2013 7:16 AM PT

Flashback: Media Matters Smeared Issa On Behalf Of White House

In his new book "This Town," New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich describes a concerted effort by the Obama White House to feed negative stories about Rep. Darrel Issa's past to willing and "trusted" reporters in Washington. The Washington Post has an early copy of the book and explains the context of the anti-Issa smear job: Jul 4, 2013 6:51 AM PT

Durbin Wants Government To Decide Who Is a Journalist

Would Thomas Payne have been able to pass Dick Durbin's journalist smell test? Here's an even better question: Do you really want the likes of Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer deciding who a journalist is, and therefore who is entitled to the legal protections that go along with the profession? Based on an op-ed in the Chicago Sun-Times, Durbin wants just that. Jul 3, 2013 4:55 AM PT

Report: Couric Upset Over 'Dumbed-Down' Talk Show

According to the Daily News, Katie Couric is upset over the gossipy direction of her daily, syndicated talk show. Sources for the Confidenti@l section of the Daily News say that the syndicated daytime show will be "gossip-centric" in its second season, since a recent shakeup replaced executive producer Michael Morrison with "The Tyra Banks Show" executive producer Rachel Miskowiec. Jul 3, 2013 3:40 AM PT


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