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VIDEO: Man Charged After Accidentally Lighting His Wife on Fire

(CNN) - In even the best of marriages, sometimes careless words are exchanged. Sometimes a man might even accidentally light his wife on fire which is exactly why one Georgia man will face criminal charges. 37-year-old Austin Dawkins will be charged with reckless conduct after he accidentally set his wife ablaze when flicking his lighter near his pickup truck’s gas tank while refueling at a Clarkesville Gas station on October 16.  

The state fire safety commission, Ralph Hudgens, said that 30-year-old Jessica Dawkins suffered second-and third-degree burns to her legs, arms, back and head. Hudgens also released the gas station's surveillance video of the incident which shows the couple standing outside the truck near the gas nozzle when Austin Dawkins appeared to ignite his cigarette lighter and then lower his hand to the nozzle, sending flames shooting at his wife, engulfing her.

Austin Dawkins could face up to one year in prison and a $1,000 fine.


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