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Sportsman Channel to Debut Show about Military, Police K-9s Hosted by R. Lee Ermey

The Sportsman Channel will debut a new show on April 24 at 8:30pm called "Saving Private K-9" hosted by Full Metal Jacket actor R. Lee Ermey.  The show is about the 2500 trained canines that serve in the military and law enforcement and their handlers.

The show focuses on the training and heroic accomplishments of "man's best friend."  Viewers will also learn about the lives of these heroes after their services is completed.  "When R. Lee Ermey speaks, people listen. Sportsman Channel is extremely proud to bring Ermey on board to host Saving Private K-9," said Marc Fein, Executive V.P., Programming and Production of the Sportsman Channel. 

"This show is a great opportunity for America to see our four-legged, sometimes forgotten heroes in action," said Ermey. "So many of us have no idea of the level of dedication and training it takes to prepare a dog for a life of service. This show will spread light on this process."

R. Lee Ermey served in the U.S. Marines for 11 years before retiring. While serving in the Marine Corp as a civilian, Ermey was promoted to Gunnery Sergeant.  He is most famous for his role as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman is Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket


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