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Trend: Police Getting Sued to Return Marijuana Seizures

In states with legalized recreational marijuana and legalized medical marijuana use, police are finding themselves sued by citizens who have wrongly had their pot seized as evidence. Only a few years ago, police could confiscate “illegal pot plants by ripping

Google Enters Lucrative Domain Name Market

Google announced yesterday that it will enter the domain name marketplace. With the release of over 1400 new top level domains, like .vote, .guru and .coffee, Google will be a competitor with companies also in the domain registration business that

IKEA Walks Back Threat Against Its Biggest Fan Site

Earlier this week, the DIY/Decor-o-sphere was rocked by the news that flat-boxed furniture conglomerate IKEA was attempting to shutdown its largest fansite, the 8-year-old, IKEAHackers. Full disclosure here, I’m a huge fan of IKEAHackers and long time reader. Have I

The 'Dronie' Is the New Selfie

The 'Dronie' Is the New Selfie

Now that private and commercial drone use is becoming more popular, it seems as good as time as any to integrate the devices into the use of social media.  Enter “the dronie.” A play on the ubiquitous “selfie” phenomenon, a

'Broke' Clintons Reported $12M Income in 2001

'Broke' Clintons Reported $12M Income in 2001

Financial disclosure forms reveal the Clinton’s earned a hefty $12M in the year following their exit from the White House. According to 2000 financial forms, they left the White House in some level of debt: the Clinton’s held assets ranging

Sour Grapes at the Triple Crown

Sour Grapes at the Triple Crown

(In this Aug. 31, 1955, file photo, owner William Woodward Jr. congratulates Nashua and jockey Eddie Arcaro in the winner’s circle after Nashua won the Great Match Race against Swaps at Washington Park in Homewood, Ill. Though Nashua didn’t win

Japan Plans Giant Space-Based Solar Farm

JAXA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, is planning to send a solar power station into space. The target date is set for 2025. Vice.com describes the endeavor: “Floating 24,000 miles above the Earth’s surface is a mammoth power plant (power satellite

NASA Robots Are Helping Eventual Manned Mission to Mars

NASA is slowly approaching a manned mission to Mars.  Information transmitted from rovers Opportunity and Curiosity are helping the space agency determine how to get to the surface of the Red Planet. Future expeditions are focused on learning about the

Report: Drone Used to Peep, Film Sunbathing Ladies

Report: Drone Used to Peep, Film Sunbathing Ladies

A woman in Virginia Beach, Virginia has complained that a drone operated by a perverted voyeur was filming bathing suit-clad women at a private residential beach. According to a participant on Reddit, she “heard this whirring noise above us, and

Robot Named to Board of Venture Capital Firm

Robot Named to Board of Venture Capital Firm

A venture capital firm in Hong Kong has named a robot to its board of directors, and the robot “will be treated ‘equal’ to the other board members.” The announcement came in a press release from Aging Analytics UK, a

$400K Drone Delivered to Wrong Person

Reddit user Seventy_Seven was the lucky recipient of an unmanned drone, delivered erroneously by UPS. Gizmodo describes, “thanks to one hell of a mixup, Reddit user Seventy_Seven just got a $400,000 unmanned aerial vehicle delivered straight to his doorstep. Talk about service.”

Gangs Use Drones to Steal Rivals' Pot Crops

Gangs in the United Kingdom are using drones equipped with heat-sensing technology to locate their rivals marijuana crops to steal them. The hydroponic lamps used to grow the crops allow the drones to locate heat signatures so their owners can

Drone Crashes Near Elementary School

A drone manned by the Pennsylvania Army National Guard crashed near Lickdale elementary school yesterday afternoon. “The aerial vehicle, controlled by a remote operator, was part of a training exercise at Fort Indiantown Gap, said Maj. Ed Shenk, public affairs

Drones on Leashes Debut at Ted 2014

Sergei Lupshin, a roboticist based in Zurich, revealed his new “leashed quadcopter drones” at at TED 2014.  Lupshin calls them “Fotokites” because they look like a kite and do not require any special piloting skills to operate. They also provide

The Food Police Are Back

This Friday (3/14) the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) will hold it’s third meeting.  The purpose?  To “encourage Americans to focus on eating a healthful diet — one that focuses on foods and beverages that help achieve and maintain a

NSA Seeks to Expand Database

Yesterday, the NSA asked the surveillance court for permission to retain millions of phone records beyond the five-year limit currently imposed on the agency.  The DOJ argued that they need to retain the data as “evidence” because of the privacy

Study: Drone Swarm Can Self-Organize in the Air

A team of Hungarian researchers have created a swarm of ten drones that can “self-organize” in the air.  The project was modeled on birds such as pigeons, “which fly in tight bunches while making adjustments and decisions.” Tamas Vicsek, a

Five Questions for Author Lisa De Pasquale

Lisa De Pasquale, a contributor here at the exclusive Conversation, has just published her first book entitled Finding Mr. Righteous.  Many know Lisa from her years as executive director of CPAC, a job she handled admirably.  Lisa’s latest literary endeavor

Study: Termite Robots Build Castles, Pyramids

Robots modeled after termites are able to work independently and build castles according to a study released today in the journal Science. The ‘bots “use just a few simple rules and environmental cues” to construct pyramids and castles.  The “termites”

Google Building Robot Army, Gains New Partner

Google has acquired eight different robotics companies in the last year, and has just added a major partner in their quest for a robot army: Foxconn.  The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the “long time Apple manufacturing partner” is