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The Election Campaign Has Begun with No Clear Frontrunner

So, who won day one? Labour will feel they spent far too much of yesterday talking about their strained relationship with business, after the party’s advert in the Financial Times backfired spectacularly. Siemens and Kellogg’s both publicly expressed their dismay

The Left Does Not Have a Monopoly on Compassion

Earlier this month two prominent conservatives, Tim Montgomerie and Stephan Shakespeare, launched something called The Good Right. Despite boasting Michael Gove as a vocal supporter, much of what they proposed was unlikely to convince dry right-wingers. Luxury taxes and above-inflation

Budget 2015: Still No Game-Changer from Osborne

Well, that Budget was a bit of an anti-climax. There was some optimistic talk beforehand that George Osborne might produce some sort of game-changing policy that would transform the election campaign. In the end there was no fabled ‘rabbit in

Leave the Wives Out of It

There is a saying in the morally upstanding circles of Westminster in which I dwell: “leave the wives out of it”. Unless there is some particular significance to a great matter of state, or perhaps if taxpayers’ money is at

Nigel Farage Has a Point: Our Immigration System Is Unfair

Nigel Farage has this morning revealed UKIP’s policy on immigration going into the election. Gone is the party’s previous pledge to cap net migration at 50,000, instead they will not adopt an “arbitrary” target. Reading Farage’s explanation for this, it

Would you want a celebrity to be your MP?

Ahead of the 2001 General Election, William Hague’s Conservative Party secured a quite stellar cast of celebrity backers. Among them were some of the best of Britain: Jim Davidson, Peter Stringfellow, Anthony Worrall-Thompson, Frank Bruno, Mike Read and Bill Roache

UKIP Needs a Big Boost at this Conference

It’s fair to say it has been a tough few weeks for UKIP. The party has tailed off in the polls recently, dropping from above 15 percent to around 13 percent as election campaign season gets underway. Nigel Farage’s trip

Don’t Make the Taxpayer Pay for Politics

Donations are back in the news, with some £20 million being raised by political parties in the last quarter of 2014. These sorts of stories tend to hurt each party about the same – whether it is union gold lining

Labour Offence Watch: Who Will They Alienate Next Week?

Last week the Labour Party managed to offend British business, teachers and nuns. In the seven days since then, Miliband and his team have further succeeded in antagonising the British Chamber of Commerce, people who drink Irn-Bru, the family of
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Why Does Labour Keep Offending People?

Three months out from the election, you would expect Labour to be on the offensive. Instead, they seem to be offending as many people as possible. Emily Thornberry’s snobbish comments sneering at White Van Man and the St. George’s Cross

Tory Leadership Contenders Jostle Over Europe

Whatever happens on May 7th, Europe is going to shape the next two years of Conservative Party politics. If David Cameron stays as Prime Minister, either in another Coalition or forming a minority government, he is going to be the
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The New Puritans: How Liberals Want to Control Your Life

“The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy”. So said H.L. Mencken of late nineteenth and early twentieth century Puritanism; the tyrannical do-gooders of the temperance movement, authoritarians pushing their Victorian values on “sinners” across the Atlantic. Whether it

TV Debates: Where We Are Now

That faint sound you can hear in the distance is the laughing from 4 Matthew Parker Street, home of the Conservative Party, and Downing Street, home of the Prime Minister. Within a week David Cameron has gone from the chicken

In a Year’s Time All the Party Leaders Could Be Gone

It doesn’t really feel like it, but in just a few months’ time David Cameron could well have retired from politics. Or, we could be saying goodbye to Ed Miliband forever. Despite the predictions of anarchy, this coalition government has

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