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Anti-immigration Senator Jeff Sessions, one of Donald Trump's earliest supporters during the campaign, has been nominated to be attorney general

REGNERY: Attorney General Jeff Sessions — Liberals’ Worst Nightmare

Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions’ strong stands on immigration, and law and order, are not the only reasons liberals want to kill his nomination for Attorney General. It is also because he knows what the Obama Administration has done to the Justice Department and he knows how to bring it back where it belongs—the center of equal justice under the rule of law.

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Regnery: Conservative Republicans Fulfilling George Soros’ Agenda by Pushing ‘Prison Break’ Bill

It’s no secret that George Soros is a big advocate of U.S. criminal justice reform. It is also no secret that he has provided big money to the empty-the-prison groups and others. Until a few days ago, however, we didn’t know just how big a role Soros played. Republicans — and particularly conservatives — who have bought into the criminal justice reform initiative, may have been drawn into something other than what they saw on the surface.

REGNERY: Senator Toomey, Stick To Your Guns

Of all the issues that might arise in Pat Toomey’s re-election campaign for his Senate seat in Pennsylvania, his opponent, egged on by a raft of liberal groups with a few libertarians mixed in, is criticizing Toomey for supporting law enforcement’s use of military equipment.

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Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby: Resign Your Office

As of Thursday morning, Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby is batting 0-3 in the Freddie Gray cases. If she had an ounce of decency and a smidgeon of professionalism she would ask that the three remaining prosecutions be dismissed and would resign her office.

Democrats: We Don’t Care If Hillary Clinton Is Indicted

Nearly three out of four Democratic voters think that Hillary Clinton should continue to run for president even if she is indicted, according to a recent Rasmussen poll. Democrats may be so attuned to Clinton’s lies, scandals, and denials that they are willing to overlook anything, but you do have to wonder if they would object to her serving as President if she were convicted.

Black-on-Black Crime: Blame It On The System And Ignore The Evidence

Supporters of criminal justice and sentencing reform tell us that prisons are overloaded with minority inmates, proving that the criminal justice system is racist. President Obama talks about it repeatedly, as do the sponsors of legislation pending in Congress which would retroactively reduce mandatory minimum sentences for drug traffickers and other violent felons.


REGNERY: Why Are Liberals Anxious to Free Violent Criminals From Prison?

Why, you might ask, are these liberals so anxious to turn violent criminals free? What is to be gained, you might wonder, by having these felons – many of whom will again be trafficking in drugs and committing violent crimes in the process – wandering around our cities, contributing to the heroin epidemic, and leaving thousands of victims in their wake?

Sri Lankan authorities say Colombo is being used as a transit centre for heroin shipments

Sentencing Reform: A Deal For The Criminals — But What About Their Victims?

Members of Congress are upset that we have too many criminals in federal prison. Prisons cost the taxpayers too much, they claim, and incarceration disrupts the criminals’ family lives. They decry the unfair mass incarceration of “low level” offenders, and tell us that the system is racist because a disproportionate number of minorities are in prison. Let them out, they claim, and try to “rehabilitate” them while they roam the streets once again.

Sentencing Reform: Revisions Haven’t Fixed The Fatally Flawed Bill

Senators pushing hard to get criminal justice reform passed and onto the President’s desk, aware of the major criticism aimed at them from law enforcement groups, opposition from other Senators, and a host of constituents, have introduced a series of revisions to try to make the bill more palatable to critics. Certainly one of the reason the sponsors are restructuring the bill, which they previously advertised as applying only to nonviolent criminals, is because Senators running for re-election are terrified that releasing more violent criminals may harm their chances to return to Washington.

Criminal Justice Reform: Hijacked by The Left

Legislation pending in both houses of Congress would reduce many mandatory minimum sentences imposed for serious crimes, many committed with a firearm, often involving chronic, violent offenders. It would also retroactively reduce sentencing provisions of The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, signed by Bill Clinton, which resulted in the conviction and imprisonment of thousands of violent criminals. The result would be to retroactively reduce penalties for thousands of serial armed career criminals including carjackers, bank robbers and kidnappers, reduce penalties for repeat high-level drug traffickers and weaken tools used by federal prosecutors to dismantle drug trafficking organizations.

M. Stanton Evans, RIP

With a twinkle in his eye, Stan liked to tell liberals that he never really liked Nixon until Watergate. Or that he didn’t care much for what Joe McCarthy was trying to accomplish, he just liked his methods. One of the