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Andrew E. Harrod

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Jezebel’s Feminist Fantasies Glorify Muslim Pirate Wonder Woman

Jezebel contributor Laura Sook Duncombe has discovered a “Cinderella story of unusual satisfaction” in a sixteenth-century female Muslim piracy organizer. Writing for the feminist blog Jezebel, Duncombe’s Orientalist fantasy “of an independent and beautiful woman” in Morocco who terrorized non-Muslims shows how deluded and self-hating Western political correctness has become.


CAIR Seeks Non-Violent Sharia Censorship

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Hamas-derived unindicted terrorism financing coconspirator, recently demonstrated that there is more than one way to implement Sharia. CAIR’s feigned lofty concern for free speech following Paris’ Charlie Hebdo massacre is part of a duplicitous strategy seeking to impose non-violently Muslim blasphemy norms while deflecting any criticism of Islam.

Robert Spencer Defines the War Against Jihad

Robert Spencer Defines the War Against Jihad

“America is at war; and has been since at least September 11, 2001, but no one is really sure who with,” Robert Spencer writes in his recently released Arab Winter Comes to America: The Truth about the War We’re In. Thankfully, Spencer’s

Germany and Syria: A Case Study in Jihad

Germany and Syria: A Case Study in Jihad

The “martyr death” is the “best way to die,” Mustafa’s “wish… for every believing brother and sister,” declared the 24-year old Moroccan-German in an Oct. 18 interview for the German public television station ZDF (“Minderjährige Deutsche im Krieg” segment). Having