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#NeverTrump Needs to Get Over It

It’s time for the self-appointed stewards of “conservatism” to retire the #NeverTrump, stop their petulance, and accept the fact that the people whom they claim to represent—the Republican voters—have sized up their chosen Party candidates against a bombastic Manhattan tycoon outsider and clearly went with Option B.

AP Photo/Charles Krupa

Donald Trump Sparks GOP Soul-Searching

A well-intentioned article by Noah Rothman in Commentary Magazine offers that Donald Trump’s supporters are the right wing’s version of Obama’s vacuous “Hope and Change” acolytes. Says Rothman: “Trump is the right’s Obama, insofar as his policy preferences are ill-defined, pliable, and reflective of whatever the audience immediately before him wants them to be.” Such comparisons short-change Trump’s supporters.