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Tense in Ferguson Ahead of Grand Jury Decision

Protesters gathered in front of the Ferguson Police Department on S. Florissant Ave. Saturday night in anticipation of the grand jury’s decision on Darren Wilson’s fate which could come as early as tomorrow. Though some protesters appeared eager to provoke,

Andrew Breitbart: Profile In Loyalty

Andrew and I first met three years ago at a party. We would run into each other everywhere: at parties, functions, and left-wing protests we both happened to be crashing. I was at the time a lesser-known 22 year-old freelance

Project Mayhem, Part II: Ed Schultz, Lies and Videotape

(Read Project Mayhem, Part I here) When he’s not busy encouraging Massachusetts voters to commit voter fraud to “keep these bastards out,” or condemning “tea party rhetoric” for not “rising to the president’s challenge on tone” while calling Laura Ingraham

What Sheila Jackson Lee and Eric Cartman Have in Common Yeah, that just happened. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) informed us all that her Republican congressional colleagues are only uneasy about raising the debt ceiling and allowing the president to spend more money we don’t have without any Democrat

Community Organized Crime

If the 1967 film Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner were remade today (I’ll leave that to Michael Bay), Sydney Poitier’s character ought to be replaced with C.L. Bryant, Herman Cain, Larry Elder, or Alfonzo Rachel. One watching would think that