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Heroes of Sydney

From the UK Telegraph comes a tribute to the amazing courage of the two hostages killed in Sydney: That’s Tori Johnson on the left.  He was the manager of the Lindt Cafe, just 34 years old on the day of

Will anyone in the media call Obama on his Gruber lies?

In response to Obama Claimed to Have ‘Stolen Ideas’ from Gruber in 2006: Allow me to toss a few more tidbits onto the fire as we burn whatever remains of Barack Obama’s credibility: former Administration official Steve Rattner testifying –

Possible hacker attack at the State Department

CBS News is careful to note that the State Department shut down its unclassified email system to repair “possible” damage from a “suspected” hacker attack, but those suspicions must run pretty deep to justify the measures that were taken: A

ObamaCare's Facebook page is a sham, too

I’ve long been fascinated with the business of manufactured popularity, in which various forms of sock puppetry are used to make a person or product seem much more popular than it actually is.  It’s amazingly easy to do on the

ISIS claims to have beheaded another American hostage

The new ISIS snuff film is a little different than their previous offerings, in that they don’t show the marquee murder taking place, but according to the UK Daily Mail, a severed head purportedly belonging to captured aid worker and

Comet Guy and the social-justice black hole

An amazingly stupid story with a clever Twitter hashtag, #shirtstorm, has been brewing for the past couple of days.  Long story short, one of the brilliant scientists who just landed a space probe on a moving comet decided to wear

The Ministry of Silence

In response to Senator Chris Murphy, Jake Tapper and the Unsung Villains of GruberGate: It’s amazing to think we reached the end of the week with a hard blackout imposed on the Gruber story by two major networks, ABC and

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