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General: Reveals Iranian Terror Proxies in South America

General: Reveals Iranian Terror Proxies in South America

Southern Command’s chief, Air Force General Douglas Fraser, has recently briefed the Senate Armed Services Committee on the growing threat of Iranian-backed terror networks in South America. His insight contradicts the Director of National Intelligence’s, James Clapper’s, most recent national

The Smokejumper vs. the General

The Smokejumper vs. the General

Imagine a nation threatened by the potential of a great fire. This is no small fir–rather, one biblical in nature set off by a criminal mind controlling a tiny ember.  What happens when that ideology controlling the criminal mind sets

For the Military, Is God Dead?

For the Military, Is God Dead?

When drill instructors constantly shout in our young troops’ faces seven days a week, our basic trainees have an opportunity to temporarily free themselves from the minute-by-minute chaos found in boot camp. A free sanctuary is provided for all basic

Quran Burning a PSYOP Failure in Afghanistan

Quran Burning a PSYOP Failure in Afghanistan

Afghanistan has imploded once again. Riots swarm epicenters, people have been injured, and now reports of deaths unfold. Islam’s most holy book, the Quran, has been desecrated, and US forces have been deemed the culprits. The real culprits in today’s

War with Iran: Why America Could Lose

War with Iran: Why America Could Lose

Several years have passed and numerous strategists have concluded that America’s next war would likely be against Iran. Very few have paid any attention to such analysis until recently. Just this week however, even main stream media found a way

Iranian highlights from the weekend

This past weekend had some interesting Iranian highlights. Of note, prior to the Super Bowl, Matt Lauer interviewed President Obama and asked some questions about Iran. Needless to say, while the President has no issues placing our U.S. Navy SEAL’s

Hezbollah's Recent Terror Plot: Why Target Thailand?

Thailand recently intercepted a Hezbollah-linked terror plot. Many terror experts continue scratching their heads wondering why Hezbollah would have an interest in Thailand. Some believe it just does not make any sense. When connecting the dots, Thailand may or may

Sources Claim Iran Killing Its Own Scientists, Not CIA or Mossad

Congressman Mike Rogers (R-MI), a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, recently visited Lebanon to probe recent Hezbollah claims that dozens of CIA assets were compromised in Lebanon. According to GeoStrategy, “officials said Hezbollah exploited CIA

Qatar's Muslim Brotherhood Connection

The Switzerland of the Middle East or the Nation State of the Muslim Brotherhood? The small Middle Eastern country of Qatar ruled by Amir Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani is larger than life. Boasting the world’s largest per-capita GDP due

The Threat Once Known As Al Qaeda

Osama Bin Laden, the presumed mastermind behind the creation of Al Qaeda, originally formalized a global network of militants mostly comprised of Muslim Brotherhood members. These Brotherhood members, like Ayman al-Zawahiri, tapped into their own personal networks which later socially


Exercising for war against Iran–a lesson from Millennium Challenge 2002 Iran recently ended its military exercise in the Strait of Hormuz. Soon, in the coming days or weeks, the U.S. intends to initiate a joint exercise throughout the Middle East

Amir Mirzaei Hekmati -Death by false confessions

The life of U.S. military combat veteran Amir Mirzaei Hekmati is in austere jeopardy. His fate rests in the hands of God. International news has revealed that Hekmati has been convicted of working with a hostile country, belonging to the

Why Iran Really Threatened The U.S. 5th Fleet

Reuters reported earlier this morning that Iran will take action against the United States if one of our own aircraft carriers moves into the Strait of Hormuz. The U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet has made home in the tiny state of

When a Nation Forgets God – a Thanksgiving Reminder

About a year ago, Chicago-based Pastor Erwin Lutzer had written a fascinating book titled When a Nation Forgets God: 7 Lessons We Must Learn from Nazi Germany. I have read all 141 pages now on three separate occasions. Fascinated every

The Path They Choose: The Labor of the American Veteran

Bus doors opened. Upon exiting, sounds of chaos filled the air. The meanest yet most professional-appearing “Smokey the Bear” hat-wearing Military Instructors foamed out of their mouths barking orders. Complete strangers would soon become lifelong brothers; this was the start

DOD Mismanages Its Force Reduction Program

The U.S. Air Force decided to initiate its initial phase of force reduction, meaning more than 400 Captains and Majors will be “pink slipped.” Economically, this makes absolutely no sense especially during the troubling economic hardships within the nation. A

A Marine, Occupy Wall Street, And NYPD

A video has gone viral on YouTube prompting well over one million viewers to debate heroism, the Marine Corps, Occupy Wall Street, and the New York City Police Department. Some may believe the video as moving, inspirational, and even possibly